Our Commitment To Privacy At Westinghouse TV, we put our top priority on protecting your personal information. Fully acknowledging the fact that your personal information belongs to you, we do our best to securely store and carefully process the information you share with us.


We collect personal information that you provide directly, information about how you use our services and information from third party sources. We use this information to provide you with services, understand the way you use our services so we can improve and personalize your experience and to develop the most relevant apps, technologies, and content for our customers.


  • We use your personally identifiable information that is collected on these Sites primarily for the following purposes:
    • To alert you to special offers, updated information and other new products or services or other third parties, or to forward promotional materials to you;
    • To complete a transaction or service requested by you;
    • To fulfill the terms of a promotion;
  • We may share or disclose your personally identifiable information that is collected on the website to strategic partners, agents, third party marketers or other unaffiliated parties who are offering products or services that we believe may be of interest to you.
  • Private sites (such as those only available to dealers and distributors) and sites created for our employees (or prospective employees) may also have privacy notices unique to those sites.
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