The Westinghouse Brand Promise

Westinghouse is built upon a tradition of dependability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust.

For more than 130 years, Westinghouse has stood for innovative, reliable, high-quality products and customer service. A combination of groundbreaking technology and rock-solid dependability has made Westinghouse one of the world’s most trusted brands.

When you see Westinghouse, consumers know they are getting a product packed with features that make their lives simply easier, a product that has all the latest thinking, while providing years of value.

Since 1886, Westinghouse has brought the best to life.

Westinghouse remains a trusted name globally in consumer and industrial products. Built on a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Westinghouse products were the first to supply the United States with AC electric power, transmit a commercial radio broadcast and capture man’s first step on the moon.

Today, Westinghouse continues to grow its diverse portfolio with a wide range of product categories that include home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting and power generation.

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George Westinghouse born in Central Bridge, New York


George Westinghouse patents the rotary steam engine.


Westinghouse patents the air brake, revolutionizing railroad safety.


Westinghouse Air Brake Company implements half-day Saturdays, a big step toward the five-day work week.


Westinghouse founds Union Switch and Signal Company to develop closed-track circuits and interlocking systems for railroads


Westinghouse invented the automatic air brake by utilizing a triple valve system that equipped each car with its own air cylinder.


Westinghouse Electric Company is founded.


Nikola Tesla receives a patent for the first alternating current motor and comes to work for Westinghouse Electric Company.


Westinghouse Electric Company is founded.


Westinghouse beats Thomas Edison for the contract to light the Chicago World’s Fair with AC power and wins the “War of the Currents.”


Installed hydropower AC generators at Adams Power Plant, Niagara Falls which supplied power to Buffalo, New York


First commercial Westinghouse steam turbine driven generator, 1,500 kW unit nicknamed the Mary-Ann, Hartford Electric Light Co.


This was the first decade of filmmaking and film viewing.


Westinghouse’s first main-line AC powered locomotive produced for New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. Mode:l NH EP1 Supplied voltage: 11 kV, 25 Hz AC, 600 V DC & 636 V AC.


Westinghouse acquires Copeman Electric Stove Company and enters the home appliance market.


George Westinghouse dies, leaving a legacy that includes 361 patents and the founding of 60 companies.


Westinghouse makes history with the first commercial radio broadcast in the country. Radio station KDKA begins operations.


Westinghouse introduces the first factory-built radio receiver.


Westinghouse pioneers the first international shortwave radio broadcast.


The first television camera tube was called an Iconoscope